By. M.A.Yulianto.*)

This test is used for testing the equality of variances of several populations that have normal distribution.  This test is needed because one of  the required conditions for many statistical methods is that the population variances be equal such as  for the F-test of the analysis of variance (ANOVA).  Beside Bartlett test, we can also use Levene test to see the equality of  variances of several populations.  The Levene test will be explained in another writing session.  The hypotheses we test are

example: (using the apple juice example in one way ANOVA writting session)

Interpretation:  There is not enough evidence to infer that the population variances differ,  with the 95% level of confidence.

See you in other writing sessions, have enjoying statistics.

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*)  Writer is a lecturer in Institute of Statistics, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bachelor of  Statistics from Institute of Statistics, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Master of Science in Experimental Statistics from NMSU, USA.


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