By. M.A.Yulianto.*)

This test is used for testing the normality of data.  Normality of data is one of the standarded assumptions that has to be fulfilled in many statistics tests such as t test and F test.  The main reason that assumption of normality is needed in many statistics testings, because those testings procedure is based on distribution which comes from normal distribution.  The Bowman-Shelton test uses skewness and kurtosis measurements. Bowman-Shelton statistics follows chi-square distribution with two degrees of freedom for large sample. The null hypothesis in this test is data follow normal distribution.

The formula of Bowman-Shelton

  then the decision is fail to reject null hypothesis meant that data have normal distribution.

Example:  financial capital of 30 enterprises (in million US$)

56        58        60        64        54        52        50        40        57        53

65        50        53        52        66        45        55        54        65        56

55        57        48        63        51        55        44        58        54        60

Are those data follow normal distribution? Using α = 0,05.


Conclusion:  Data follow normal distribution with 95% level of confidence.



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*)  Writer is a lecturer inInstituteofStatistics,Jakarta,Indonesia.

Bachelor of  Statistics fromInstituteofStatistics,Jakarta,Indonesia.

Master of Science in Experimental Statistics fromNMSU,USA.





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    • sepertinya memang sama persis, bapak dapatkan formula ini dari buku “statistics for business and economics” karangan Paul Newbold edisi ketiga. formula ini tidak akan dibahas pada pertemuan dikelas, hanya uji Jarque Bera karena uji ini lebih popular dari pada uji Bowman Shelton.

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