By. M.A.Yulianto.*)

This test is used for testing the normality of data.  Normality of data is one of the standardized assumptions that has to be fulfilled in many statistics tests such as t test and F test.  The main reason that assumption of normality is needed in many statistics tests, because those tests procedure is based on distribution which comes from normal distribution.  The Jarque-Bera test uses skewness and kurtosis measurements. Jarque-Bera statistics follows chi-square distribution with two degrees of freedom for large sample. The null hypothesis in this test is data follow normal distribution.

The formula of  Jarque-Bera

conclusion:  Data follow normal distribution with 95% level of confidence.



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*)  Writer is a lecturer inInstituteofStatistics,Jakarta,Indonesia.

Bachelor of  Statistics fromInstituteofStatistics,Jakarta,Indonesia.

Master of Science in Experimental Statistics fromNMSU,USA.





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  2. Good day, Sir! I am indeed thankful of your post sir. I am Mary Ann Grace Otic, a graduating statistics student in Mindanao State University-Main Campus here in the Philippines. My thesis topic is about Jarque-Bera Test and my thesis adviser wants to include the power test of Jarque-Bera test sir; but I couldn’t really understand how to perform it’s power test. Sir, I really need your advice because I’m so confused about its power and what available software could be used in performing the power test of Jarque-Bera Test for normality. Sir, I would be very glad and honor if you could just give me any idea about this sir. Also, I would really appreciate your immediate answer sir. Thank you sir for your time. God Bless & more power.

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